On Thursday I went shopping with my best friend Sweta. ワンピース帽子くつカバン

We had not much time for shopping

時計, but we got some nice stuff. Sweta was only buying clothes for her nephew. 赤ちゃん
(o^-')b The most I bought was for Malia. 赤ちゃん

Here we go:

I found a leopard Hello Kitty. ラブラブ

Please don't look at my nails. Right now I don't have gel nails, because of my daughter. I was afraid of scratching her. But soon I will have gel nails again. チョキ

Ahhhhh~~~ look what happend to one of my boots while we went shopping!!! (ノ_-。) しょぼん

Ohhh noooooooooo!!! 。・゚゚・(≧д≦)・゚゚・。

Oh... and I totally forgot to tell you about the Ma Cherie Shampoo from Shiseido. Till now I washed my hair twice with this product! It's such a lovely feeling and it smells soooo nice! о(ж>▽<)y ☆

And there is one more thing! I discoverd another mobile by DoCoMo which is really nice! Now I'm totally confused which one I will get.
It's the SH-03A.
(-。-;) What do you think?


Bibi hat gesagt…

Thanks for following me dear!! I'm following you back now, 'cause I think your blog is really sweet :)

Oooooh you have a baby daughter! Cute!! ^.^ And I really like the clothes you bought for her...Kids clothes these days look so much nicer than back when I was young...T_T

Momo hat gesagt…

Thank you for your sweet comment! ^^

Yes, you are right. Kids clothes are much more nicer than years before. When I think of the clothes I was wearing when I was a child... ohhh nooo! (^^)'' Maybe I should make a post of me when I was child wearing some stupid clothes! *haha*

TheMadTwins hat gesagt…

the hello kitty skirt o__o

soo kawaiii :)