Kiddy Land Harajuku...

... is closed now!
Everybody who have been to Japan has visited Kiddy Land in Harajuku, don't you think so? ヾ(@^(∞)^@)ノ

There you can get lot's of cute stuff from Hello Kitty to anime charakters like Naruto and many more.

Now they will made a new one in a bigger building. The old one in Harajuku is now closed and the new one will be opend till summer 2012!!! ショック!叫び

When I first heard that I thought... ohhh nooooo why such a long time?

Kiddy Land is such a lovely shop you can enjoy with friends or with your family.

Also adults will have a lot's of fun there not only children.

Now they re-opend it some footsteps ahead. あしグッド! Just till the new Kiddy Land is ready to open in summer 2012.

Good news, don't you think so? 手紙

So this will be the new address for now: !!

Where: Cat Street in the old HHStyle Building

Address: 6-14-2 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo/Japan

Open from - till: 11:00 till 21:00 daily

On this map, you can see where the new one is located now till the big Kiddy Land will be opend. (‐^▽^‐)

And here you can see an image of the new Kiddy Land how it will be look like in future.

Looks nice doesn't it? 音譜

Now a little pic spam about the old Kiddy Land.

Just enjoy it! ニコニコ

Please visit the Kiddy Land homepage!
English version
Japanese version
And be sure to visit Kiddy Land if you travel to Japan!


Bibi hat gesagt…

Mwaaaah! All the Ghibli stuff! Totoro and Jiji! I want! I want! I want it sooooo baaaaaad!! Why is Japan so far from here... *sobs* T^T

Great thing they are making the shop bigger, I can only imagine the masses of people walking in and out every day...

Frances hat gesagt…

Never heard of it before but tks for the info =D Sorry to hear it's closed for now... but it will come back even better I'm sure =D I will so go crazy in this store!! look at those baby seals stuffed animals >w<

Momo hat gesagt…

@ Bibi: Yes, why??? T___T But if it was too close, I would spend all my money there! xD
@ Frances: You definitly will go crazy there. It was such a lovely store and I hope the new one will be much better. *__*

TheMadTwins hat gesagt…

wooooowww! I love Kiddy Land :-) It looks so sweet. kawaiiii ^-^
I want to go to Japan, I'm saving money! but it very expensive :'(

lovely post :)

loves, London