Purikura ♥ Love

I thought about sharing some purikura love ドキドキ with you!

Do you also love to take purikura like me? 音譜

It's such a nice invention to take cute photos with friends! カメラ

Did you take some in Japan or other countries? (=⌒▽⌒=)

Me and my best friend Sweta! ラブラブ

Sweta and me again with red and purple hair! ( ´艸`)

Sweta, Hiro and me

For those who have no idea about purikura I will explain. ひらめき電球

Normally they called Purinto Kurabu, but shortend to purikura

and the meaning of it is print club. These machines, where you

can take those little photos you will find everywhere in Japan.

Some countries especially mine has also a few purikura machines.

But haven't found one next to my hometown. しょぼん

There you can take little pics, which you can decorate as

you can see on my pics. 口紅These little pics are photo stickers!

It's a lot of fun taking them. If you have a chance to visit

Japan, you have to try taking some! (-^□^-) One try with about

6 shots is about 400 Yen.

Have fun taking purikura! キスマークチョキ


Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 hat gesagt…

oh my, I'm a purikura fans too=D

Momo hat gesagt…

Thx for your comment! ♥

Frances hat gesagt…

I love these!!! I never knew they're called puikura LOL I always call them sticky pics haha. they are the best!!!

Momo hat gesagt…

What a cute name! Sticky pics! ^^