Dear readers....

... long time no see!
I'm not really in the mood to blog. 
I haven't blogged for a while, I'm so sorry again.

The only thing I'm doing the recent days thinking about Japan.
I can't believe what happend there. And I feel so sorry
for all the people who lost their beloved ones and their homes.
Why won't this nightmare stop? 
I still can't believe it happend! 
I hope everybody is safe. 
I'm still waiting for a friend to contact me. 
I hope he is fine. 

Well, since I'm such a bad blogger the last month, 
I decided to ask you about facebook. If you are interested
in getting in touch with me, tell me your facebook name, 
I will add you right away. Right now it's easier for me 
to write at fb than blog something. 

Everybody is welcome! 
So let's meet in facebook! 


New Nails

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆
Hi my dear readers! 

Long time no see. I'm sorry
for my long blog abstinence. 

Today I will show you my new nails. 

Ok not really new. They are two weeks old.

Here we go!

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Happy Valentines Day

Hi to all my readers!
Today it's the special day of the lovers all over the world. 
Did you give someone a present today? 
In the early morning I got mine from my bf.
He brought me some coffee to bed and
a little white bag. 
Look what I got from him.
I totally like it. 

Thx to my bf. *kiss*
I hope you will all spend a nice V-Day!


Hello Kitty Cookies

Hi my lovely readers!
Long time no see!
Just a short update, nothing special. 
Today I want to show you some lovely Hello Kitty Cookies.
They were really delicious. And look at the cute box. 
So adorable. 


Mutsumi's, bloomzy's & keks statt hirn ♥ Giveaway

First giveaways's I'm entering this year!

The first one is Mutsumi's Back from Tokyo giveaway!
It's sooo awesome! 
Such cute stuff to win. It would be great to win it.

Just go for it HERE

And another one is bloomzy's giveaway, I'm joining.
Such a great price. You can get a New Years Lucky Bag from 109.

Just go for it HERE

And here is a third giveaway I'm joining. It's
pupsis giveaway. I want these Stitch goods sooo bad! *O*
Really great giveaway!!!