Shopping goods & fake fur stuff

Hi! \(^_^)/
Now  I will how you some of my stuff I bought at H&M. H&M
Hope you will like them. And I'm waiting for the weather to be
colder to wear this cute stuff. 雪の結晶ari5cold
Normally I'm not the type who likes cold weather.
I prefer summer, hot summer. 夏SUMMER SONGラブラブ

This summer I couldn't really enjoy because of my pregnancy.
My pregnancy was making me keep inside the house, because
the hot weather was killing me. I couldn't stay in the sun. たいよう
So I'm longing for next summer! Anyway... because of my new
items I want winter to come. にひひ

Here we go!

 fur hat

 fur scarf

 cardigan in purple

cardigan in white

some hair accessory

Btw, this is the overall to go out of my daughter.bear
Fur again! にひひ
Maybe she will be a fashion lover in future!

 Look at the back, there is a little tail! コリラックマ


And now I wanna show you my 2 foxtails I own!ラブラブ音譜
They are NOT from H&M.

A little raccon tail.

 And my white fox tail.


Bibi hat gesagt…

That's a whole lot of fur!! ^.^ I like the bear suit for your daughter! Cute!!! ^.^

Thanks for your comment on my blog. We're very glad the computer is working again. Hopefully it won't crash again *touch wood*

P o o p e r hat gesagt…

Lots and lots of fur I see! :DD I'm loving the cardigans you bought the little bear fur suit for your daughter. You're to make your daughter the most fashionable little lady there is. <333

I can't wait for winter! Just because I love the cold and you can be more trendy with winter clothes. :'3