Heartshaped bun *___*

Today I made the shopping for the weekend.
Then I went to the bakery and what a surprise I got this cute shaped bun as a heart for present from the bakery. It looks really cute doesn't it?

Later I will make some eatable bowls which can be filled with fruits and ice cream. :D
Tomorrow we will have a barbecue with two friends of us and after that this eatable bowls will be the dessert. I hope it will work.
I will post the pics of it tomorrow. So please look forward to it.

Btw. I'm feeling like a big ballon. xD Walking is getting little bit difficult and I think it looks really funny at all seeing me walking. xD Well, 2 more weeks to go till our daughter will be here. We are waiting for you, our little princess. ^^

Have a nice weekend.
mata ne
Momo (^_^)/


Katha hat gesagt…

haah~ ich bekomm schon voll die Weihnachtsstimmung wegen dem Herzen :) sieht richtig süss aus hihi

Mel hat gesagt…

Ich will auch so 'nen tollen Bäcker xD

Momo hat gesagt…

Muss dich enttäuschen, das hat net süß geschmeckt. Also net wirklich weihnachtlich! xD Gab's beim K&U. Aber frag mich net warum ich das dazu bekommen hab. Hatte nur ne normale Brezel gekauft. xD