Yeah! Packages arrived! ^^

I did it! ^^''
A few days ago I ordered at the homepage from Thomas Sabo. *____*
And today it arrived.

W O W ! ! !

Also my boyfriend like them. He was also surprised about it. :D

Have a look at it. It was so nice packed.

So I finally made it. q(^-^)p So this will be my present for me, after giving birth to our daughter. So these 3 charms represent giving birth to her. A pacifier, a M (it stands for her Name Malia) and the medallion with My little girl written on it.

Btw I also ordered a book. It's about pregnancy, birth and 10 month after birth.
This book is awesome. I totally fell in love with it. I definitely have to take some pics from inside. Till now I only made a pic from the cover. But therefore I will take the pics with my SLR not with my Casio cam. So maybe tomorrow.


Katha hat gesagt…

süss, du bist ja schon jetzt eine super Mami ^^ was wird erst wenn das Würmle draussen ist? :)

Momo hat gesagt…

Mal gucken ob ich das bin bzw werden kann. ^^''