Shopping, Malia, Advent Calendar and goals/wishes for 2011

Hi my dear readers!音譜
One month is left, then 2010 will be over. ベル

What are your wishes/goals for the new year 2011?ニコニコ

Mine are:メモ
- be a good mother for my daughter and a good wife for my boyfriend チョコキスマーク
- after the pregnancy I lost my shape, so I want to get back to my old shape again走る人
- grow my hair longer美容院
-  going on holidays 船飛行機
- visit Duesseldorf ラーメン
- go back to workポスト, now I'm only at home taking care of Maliaクマ
I think that's it... for the moment. ニコニコ

Here you can see my things I bought last week.ジーンズワンピース
I'm so glad that I found a wintercoat. チョキ
Also I bought 2 pairs of legwarmers, overnees and a warm leggings.

This necklce I got from my mom.
It's from s.Oliver! It's so beautiful! ラブラブ

Here you can see our Advent calendar. べーっだ!
It's from playmobile and everyday you will get cute things out of it.
I will take pics of all items and post them seperately.
I hope you will also having fun looking at the things daily like us. プレゼント
Tomorrow the first one will be opend. 目

Here you can see a little of the winter scenery. I took this pic out of the window in our
living room. Looks beautiful! 雪の結晶
Next time I will take more pics about winter scenery, than I can show you some
more. Please look forward to them. 雪

Here is a little pic spam of Malia.ドキドキ
Haven't posted pics of her since a while.
She is growing soooo fast! I can't believe it.


These one are new pics of her than the others.
Took a few days ago.

Isn't she lovely?

Oh and tomorrow I will get new nails! YEAH! チョキ
See you soon again.

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