Help! My mobile phone isn't working!

音譜 Hi my dear readers! 音譜
Today I will finally show you my new mobile. 携帯Also the new one
of my best friend. Mine is the one with the purple furball on it! ラブラブ!
I've got a DoCoMo SH-01A.
And the one from Sweta is a DoCoMo SH-03A.

Well Sweta's mobile we haven't tested yet with the hypersim card.
We had no chance to meet. I hope we can soon manage this. We
normally were supposed to meet last week, but then I got a pain in
my back I couldn't walk very well. しょぼん 

Well, and mine is not working with this hypersim we bought. So, if
anybody have got an advice for us, please help. Maybe we just have
to buy the inex card as NeNe suggested. NeNe, are there any news
about the phone from your friend? 目 

That's the case for my mobile. 

That's Sweta's mobile. 

I hope we can manage it as soon as possible that the
phones will be working. シラー 


Anyway... yesterday I went a little shopping.
Finally I got a new coat for winter! チョキ
Pics of it will follow soon! カメラ
I also bought some legwarmers! Really cute ones! ドキドキ

Now the weather is getting colder and colder. 雪の結晶  

I really don't like this kind of weater. You have to
put on so much clothes. 雪 I prefer summer or spring time.
What about you? Do you like this cold weather? はてなマーク
Ah, btw... there is a  new handcreme I bought. It smells
sooooo lovely. Chaitea and mandarines!

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