Cupcakes everywhere!

Hi my dear readers!
I'm sorry again. It took me ages to upload a new entry. 汗
I hope next year I will be a better blogger! アップ
152 followers!!! Thank you so much! I can't believe it. グッド!
Now my layout is ready! Some small things to fix, but that's ok.
My boyfriend made me this layout for my blog. ラブラブ
Thank's to him!!!キスマーク
What do you think? はてなマーク I totally love it! ラブラブ!

Today's entrie is about a page called Bakerella!
She does awesome cupcakes and other stuff. ケーキチョコレート
I really want to share this with you, because they look so adorable
and yummy! ( ´艸`) I wanna eat all of them! :*:・( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:
If I will have enough time, I will make some of them. 
Just enjoy them!
For more pics and reciepts go to
I will answer your comments on my blog in a few
days. Please give me some time.

And totday I finally have my nail appointment.
Last week it was canceld. So today I will get 
some cute new nails again.ネイルPlease look 
forward to the photos of my new nails soon.

 It just came to my mind, that
soon some bloggers will travel the first time to Japan.日本
"Hi" to Mutsumi, Pupsi and some more I think. ニコニコ
I wanna wish you a beautiful trip and a lot of
nice memories. Say "Hello" to Japan from me!

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