... I got my shampoo and conditioners! v(^3^)v
The other day I went to the costoms duty it was closed. (^^)''
So yesterday I was going for a walk with Malia and then I went
to the costoms duty. O(≧∇≦)O
The red Tsubaki, I bought and used several times.
It's such a great shampoo and conditioner and it makes
my hair so beautiful.

Have you ever tried it?

The next one I've never tried before.
This one will be my next try. I will tell
you how it is. (^3^)

What about this one? Have you ever tried this before?

And last thing I got, is this little travel package.
The smell of this one is soooo nice! It smells fruity.
I love such smells. (*___*)
I just ordered a small travel package, but next time,
if it's nice to wash my hair, I will buy a normal size.

This one, I will try first. And then I will let you know.

Btw, the last time I went to Japan I was using this shampoo.

It's so nice to use this one. I can highly recommend this
to you.

Oh... and here is the pic of the pumpkin soup I made again.

And tomorrow I will make pumpkin risotto again. So there
will be the next food pic. q(^3^)p
Please look forward to it. Today I will make "Maultaschen".
It's similar to gyoza. It's meat packed in a dough. Yummy!!!


Mel hat gesagt…

Wenn ich dich besuchen komm, machst du so eine Kürbissuppe! Befehl! xD

Momo hat gesagt…

*haha* Befehl??? :P

ジュリエット hat gesagt…

Shiseido's pink and beige bottles are cuteX)

Momo hat gesagt…

@Juliet: Thank you so much for your sweet comment! xoxo ♥

Mel hat gesagt…

Oh ja, Befehl, sonst gibts was auf die Nüsse XD