Malia & Hippo and my shampoo

Here are some pics again from Malia and Hippo!
Aren't they cute together? *__*
The last week was really though to handle.
Malia discoverd that she can see a lot more with
her eyes than before. So she often starts crying and
didn't stop for hours. Now one week later it's much better.
I think now it's ok for her. So Mummy and Daddy can
relax a little bit. ^^
On Friday we went to the doctor. The doctor was looking at
her, and told us that everything is fine. ^^ LUCKY!
She has grown 5 cm!!! Oo OMG!!!

Oh, I totally forgot telling you, that my shampoo and conditioners
arrived. On Monday I will take them from the customs duty.
Finally I got my beloved Japanese shampoo and conditioner again.
I'm still having little bit of Tsubaki, the golden one.
But I prefer the red one. And I ordered 2 new one.

Ma Cherie Moisture from Shiseido
Next time I will order the Airfeel Edition.
And I got,
Shiseido Super Mild Shampoo
and conditioner with Vitamin E.
I will take a pic of it, when I pick them up.

Does anybody have experience with these shampoos?
Please tell me!


ジュリエット hat gesagt…

Thank you for following my block and for your sweet comment!
Oh I want to see a picture of those shampoos/conditioners!I wish I had money now to order stuff online..And your baby is cute!^-^

Momo hat gesagt…

Thx for your lovely comment! I took pics of the shampoos/conditioners. Hope you will like it. ^^