Bath salt

Yesterday I went to dm, to buy some stuff for Malia.
Then I passed by the bath salt.
It looked so nice, so I had to take it with me.
I bought three kind of it. Will give you a review of it,
when taking my next bath. \(^ ^)/
Have a look!

Chocolate bath salt

Coconut bath salt

Honey and Almond bath salt

Then I got a new protection spray for my hairs
when ironing or curling them.
Haven't tried it yet.

This is my old one, a little is left and I'm still using it.

And the last pics are about my lipbalm I'm using
right now and my Hello Kitty lipbalm.

The ones I'm using right now is this one.
Such a great lipbalm. I used it a lot during
winter time, because I have to work outside.
And my lips getting so dry from working outside.
Now I start using it again.

And this is the Hello Kitty lipbalm.
Isn't it cute?
I got it in Shinjuku/Japan at the Hilton Hotel.


Mel hat gesagt…

Omg omg omg SCHOKO und HONIG! *___*
Damit kriegst du mich immer! Immer! xD
*zu dm saus* Naja, irgendwann demnächst zumindest. Hast du zufällig Lust, die Inhaltsstoffe abzutippen? xD Ich achte da nämlich drauf.

Anonym hat gesagt…

The hello kitty lip balm is sooo cute, i wanna have one but i hope i could find one in my place.

Momo hat gesagt…

@ Mel: Und warst du schon beim dm? Ja, kann ich machen, bzw ich fotografier es, dann kannst es da ablesen. :D

@ shineyglam: Thx for your nice comment. Where are you from? ^^

Mel hat gesagt…

Ja, abfotografieren wär nett ^-^
Bin noch nicht zu dm gekommen... mit demnächst mein ich irgendwann in den nächsten 2-3 Wochen xD Komm irgendwie zu nix mehr