12th day in Japan!

November 27th was our last day in Tokyo.
So we decided to get our last crepe at Marion's.
It was really delicious as always.
Right now I really want to eat it! T____T

3 months and 2 weeks are left till our next holidays
in Tokyo. At this time 2 more people will join Sweta
and me on our trip. I'm really looking forward to this
trip. I think we will have a lot of fun.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our videos and I hope you
will join us next year in April to watch again.

Of course I won't stop blogging now. I will keep on
blogging random stuffs as always. :p

Now the second working week after my
holidays is over. And I'm feeling like dying.
The work is killing me right now! So
much to do! -___-''
Also Christmas keeps me busy, I still have
to buy Christmas presents. :D


Sweta hat gesagt…

Ooooh Simmiii,das video ist einfach geilooooo...und du hast mich praktisch umgebracht,haha..creeeep,saber saber..ich will wieder zurück,ich halts hier nicht mehr aus -__-''

Momo hat gesagt…

*haha* So gings mir au wo ich des Video gemacht hatte. Hatte soooo Lust auf Crepes!!!
Ich will auch! Ich weiß nur zu gut wie sich das anfühlt wenn man nach nem Land Sehnsucht hat.