Japanese sweets (*___*)

I thought about starting Japanese sweets posts.
I hope you will like them.
As you know, I totally love to eat! *__* Of course sweets too.
When I went back to Germany from Japan, I took some sweets with me. So now I will start posting some of them here in my blog. Just to show you some sweets of Japan.
Maybe you will like them like I do.

First post is the new Lotte Plus X Cube gum.
I got it in 3 diffrent tastes.
1. Apricot mint gum
2. Musca mint gum
3. Citrus soda mint gum

The taste of them is really good!
I can recommend them to you!


Anonym hat gesagt…

These Bubble Gums are so yummy xD
I took them to Germany too *haha*

Momo hat gesagt…

Sag mal Inchen bist du das? xD Kannst ja eigentlich nur du sein! xD