New nails and some other things

Hi my dear readers!音譜

Here is my next big post. ニコニコ

Last Saturday my boyfriend and me went out. Only the two of us. おひなさま

Malia was staying at my parents house! 得意げ So we could enjoy a couple
of hours togehter. We went to World Christmas Circus.演劇

This was one part of my Christmas present for my boyfriend. So we enjoyed this evening a lot.
I took some pics of the show. Not really good quality.
They had many artists from all over the world,
for example from China, Russia and many more.

Then I got tagged by the lovely Bibi.
Thx hun. Sorry it took me so long.

1// Why did you create this blog?
Hmm, good question. 
I was browsing a lot of blogs and thought about, 
hey this would be a lot of fun, making a own blog. 
So I started mine! 音譜

2// What kind of blogs do you follow?
The most blogs I'm following are related to Japan日本, gyaru, fashion and make up. eye color
Also a bunch of blogs I really love to read with no relation about Japan. Only
personal stuff. ラブラブ

3// Favourite makeup brand?
I don't have a favourite make up brand. Just using this I like.
I own stuff from Manhattan, Candy Doll, essence, P2, and many more. 口紅 

4// Favourite clothing brand?
Favourite clothing brand... hmm H&M is my Number 1! ワンピース目 

5// Your indispensable makeup product?
Mascara, my eyelashes looks invisible! 目 *haha*
So I'm putting mascara on them to stand out. As you
know, I still don't have much time for my make up べーっだ!
I also would like to have more time for my hair,
to straighten or curl it.
6// Your favourite colour?
I like pink. violet, white, black... hmm to really think about it.. I don't have a
favourite color. I like a lot of colors. If you would look into my closet, you
would find every color there. 虹

7// Your perfume?
I love the perfumes of Jil Sander. I own a couple of them.

8// Your favourite film?
Pirates of Caribbean *hrhr* 波

9// What country would you like to visit and why?
Japan again: Because I miss my friends there so much! 
Hawaii: The beaches looks so beautiful to me. And of course
I wanna meet Stitch there! スティッチべーっだ!

10// Write the last question yourself and answer it.
Where did you spent your last holidays?
My last holidays I spent in Japan.

I pass this interview tag to:

I also got a New Years card from Hiro from Japan. チョキ

Here are my new nails for January!
I got them done yesterday.
This time with ribbons and Kuromi! ドキドキ

Here are my two lovelys! ドキドキキスマーク

Malia is growing so fast. I can't believe it how time
passes this fast since Malia is here. On 20th of
January she will turn 5 month.

This bracelet I got for Christmas.
Isn't it lovely?リボン

So that's it for today, I hope you enjoyed reading.
Malia and me will be going now to dm and buy some
stuff there for her! 車 And maybe something for me! にひひ

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