Back again!


Hi my dear readers! 音譜
I'm back again. チョキ Yes, I'm still alive!
My laptop was broken, むかっ so I had not really a chance to
write an entrie. I'm so sorry for that! しょぼん But still it's not ok at all. Ahhh~ I hope it
will work! It was too long without blogging! べーっだ! And if you are really addiccted to
blogging ラブラブ you will miss it so much if you can't update your blog!

So, be a good laptop and let me keep on blogging! にひひアップ 

I missed you so much my dear readers! 
And I missed reading all your lovely posts. (T_T)
And thank you so much for 190 readers! 
I think I should make a new giveaway in future!

Well, this year is almost over! WOW!!! !! 

2 big things happend for me.
My boyfriend and me moved to a wondrful apartment 家
and our daughter Malia was born. 赤ちゃん
What about you?

Btw. I just remeber that I got tagged by the lovely Bibi!
Thank you hun! I will do that in my next post. thank you

Of course I will show you what I got for Christmas. This will be in my next post. 音譜
I hope you had nice Christmas time.
These are Christmas cookies I made! 

Now it's time to made some things for New Years Eve. How do you
celebrate this evening today? 花火 hanabi打ち上げ花火
Happy New Year to everyone!
Let's see us again in 2011!!! クラッカー 
And I promise I will be a better blogger, if my laptop 
will let me blog again! (≡^∇^≡)

Don't forget my giveaway! It will end today! 
Please join if you haven't now! 
Comments and questions will be answerd as soon as possible.

And here is a pic from Malia getting here first carrots! xD


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