Final Fantasy XIII

I'm such a big fan of the Final Fantasy series! q(^^)p
Damn... I really want to play it!
Is there somebody, who want's to
give me his/her PS3? xD
Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :D :D
Why Square Enix can't leave the original music and voices to
this wonderful game? WHY???? It's so anoying listening to
another song which not really fits Final Fantasy!!!
Why they can't leave the original ones?

Still some time left till it will be out.



The Mel hat gesagt…

Das hab ich neulich zum vorbestellen gesehen ^^
Ich wills haben, aber ich hab keine Zeit zum zocken T_T *schnief*

Momo hat gesagt…

Ich wills auch haben! T_T Aber ich hab keine PS3! *heul*