Very long time no see! m(_ _)m

I'm back again.
A lot of time has passed by since my last blog entrie.
After visiting Japan, I had not really a chance to update
this blog. When I went to Japan I also did not bring my
laptop. And after my holidays there I had to be ready for
moving to the new apartment with my bf. Now we are living
in the new apartment for one month. In 2 weeks we will have
a little party for celebrating our new home. :D

Now 3 month are left till our daughter, yes it's a girl :D
will be born! :D We are getting pretty excited. So soon
we will hold her in our arms. ^^

Here is a pic of Sweta and me. It's from 2009 end of November.
Thx to Miki for sending me
this pic.I have some nice memories looking at this pic.
I had to pack my suitcase again at the airport! xD
And we had so much handbaggage this day! xD

Well then, see you soon again.
mata ne ^^/

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