Long time no see!

It's been a while since I posted my last post on blogger.com.
Well, a lot of things has changed in my life and now I will let you
know about it.
At May my boyfriend and me will move to a new apartment.
So we still have a lot of things to do before moving.
Especially going to IKEA! xD Shooooppppiiiiinnng!!!
Fixing the apartment, making decorations and many more.

Also I have to get ready for my holidays with my 3 friends.
Of course I'm very excited about it. Since it's been a while
I have been to Japan and met my friends there. Last time I
couldn't met all of them. T_T So I hope this time we can make it!

Right now my room looks like a bomb crashed in. Everywhere boxes where
I put my stuff in. xD
On the other hand in 2 weeks I have to get ready for the trip.
Then I have to pack my suitcase and not the boxes.
As you see, I'm totally going crazy the last weeks till my holidays
will come. @_@ After my holidays there are only 2 1/2 weeks left, then
we will move to the apartment. Ohhhh~~ it's so exciting right now!

But now... the best news for me! ^^

I got pregnant! q(^-^)p
My boyfriend and me will be Dad and Mom!
I'm so excited about this!
I will let you know more little by little.

Btw Pooh can do! :D :D :D

See you soon again!

PS: Soon I will be uploading videos and pics
from the upcoming trip to Japan. 22 days are


Anonym hat gesagt…

ich freue mich sehr für dich momo :3 weisst denn schon ob es ein junge oder ein mädchen wird?

mfg Steffi

Momo hat gesagt…

Hi Steffi! Danke schön! Weißt ja inzwischen was es wird! :P